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Dental Crowns

A full coverage dental crown is a way of restoring a badly damaged tooth and it will protect the entire structure of the tooth.

Our dental crowns look and feel like natural teeth. They are durable and strong and designed to last you for many years.

Why would I need a dental crown?

Sometimes a tooth can be damaged to the extent that its strength is compromised, such as:

  • When there is a large filling in the tooth it can cause deflection and stress on the remaining tooth structure as the filling expands and contracts due to biting forces.
  • A tooth that has had root canal treatment is a weaker tooth, prone to fracture and discolouration.
  • When a tooth is fractured or cracked you may need a crown to hold it together and prevent further tooth loss.
  • A crown can reshape a heavily filled tooth to close those annoying small gaps between the teeth that trap food.

A crown can reshape a heavily filled tooth to close those annoying small gaps between the teeth that trap food.

A dental bridge is a way of restoring your smile when a tooth is missing.

We often recommend a bridge for patients who have lost a tooth, leaving a space with teeth on either side.

Our dentists can reduce this gap by placing dental crowns on the teeth on either side and connecting a false tooth to the crowns.

Benefits of a dental bridge

A dental bridge can:

  • Close the gap created by a missing tooth,
  • Improve your biting function so you can enjoy the foods you love
  • Prevent neighbouring teeth from moving
  • Produce a natural looking result
  • Give you the confidence that comes with a great-looking smile

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