Dr. Edmund McCudden

Dr. McCudden graduated in 1981 and has worked in Dee Why since 1984, since May 1986 at Kingsway Dental Centre.

Dr. McCudden has a strong interest in all aspects of dentistry from general family dental care to more advanced cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implants and orthodontics. During Dr. McCudden’s 34 years of practise he has always taken a strong interest in continuing to augment his skills by attending numerous post graduate dental education courses.

In 2014 Dr. McCudden received an award for completing 25 years of service as a volunteer dentist with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance at Allambie Heights. Dr. McCudden has also been instrumental in the building and ongoing support of a dental surgery at M’Lop Tapang Centre for the street children in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The greatest single health issue for these children is dental decay. Dr. McCudden has initiated the training of a local dental hygienist to attempt to educate the children at the centre and the broader local community about dental issues.

In 2010 Dr. McCudden completed a Post Graduate Masters degree at Sydney University in Philosophy and English.

However the Dr. McCudden’s proudest life achievement is his 4 children.